Innovation Rediscovered Passion Exhibition

Art is a form to illustrate the aesthetic thought of a person. It is the reflection of an Artist’s emotional inner self. A creative soul can be passionate to any form of Art. An Artist can choose any medium to convey their view and concept. Art can manifest in a variety of medium and methods like Painting, Photography, Craft works.

Sukdeb Pal, Photographer

An IT professional. An artist by nature having innovative ideas. An aesthetic designer of natural essence using his camera. Photography is his one of Art forms. Hobby and passion mingled in photography and landscaping.

Bedasree Chowdhury, Artisan

A graduate engineer. She is a multi talented artisan with a creative soul. Art and culture coalesce in her thought. She is also blessed with imaginative perception.

Saraswati Pal, Artisan

A matriarch. A passionate artisan. Her expertise is in hand woven textiles and crafts.

Chayan Gupta, Artist

An educator by profession. Scholar of fine arts. He has a creative ability to present anything in an artistic bent.

Tapesh Mukherjee, Photographer

A finance advisor by profession. An exquisite illustrator of scenic sketch through his camera . He is an enthusiast photographer with an expertise.

Pradipta Dasgupta, Photographer

A Professional civil engineer. A passionate photographer who portray the extraordinary versions of ordinary objects through his camera.